Monday, September 26, 2011

Brunch at Stejărişu

I've lived all my life in Sibiu county but there are so many remote little villages forgotten by time and townsmen in a 100 km radius that once in a while is nice to leave the city life behind and take the opportunity to enjoy a day on the country side. The last Transilvania Brunch of the year and the first one I've attended was held Saturday in Stejărişu, a village located near Agnita, around 80 km from Sibiu, also know by its German name of Probstdorf. 

Each warm month of the year, a group of people involved in tourism around Transylvania organize a brunch in a village situated in the region between Sibiu, Mediaş, Sighişoara and Braşov. The event is targeted mostly at the Romanian townsmen but tourists are welcomed and the reason behind this gathering of joy, good food and local music is to present a chance of discovering less known communities, landmarks and traditions. 

The villagers cook their traditional meals and drinks, everything is fresh and made from the fruits of the land. All the money collected from the entry tax (around 10 euro per person) go the countrymen and a normal event has between 100 and 350 participants.

Besides eating all the delicious food, the brunch at Stejărişu was accompanied by the music of the local brass band, a visit to the old fortified church and the herbs garden, a musical moment held by the village kids and a tasting of local liqueurs.Blessed with an excellent weather the whole day was very enjoyable and I intend to repeat the experience next year, when they resume the programme. 

The food stands
The brass band
Children in traditional clothes

Everybody's enjoying the meals and music
The liqueur stand
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